The main runway (rwy 4/22) is 6,556 feet long, 100 feet wide and constructed of concrete. It is equipped with high-intensity runway lighting and an Instrument Landing System. The crosswind runway (rwy 14/32) is 4,824 feet long, 100 feet wide and constructed on asphalt with medium-intensity runway lighting. Both runways have lighted, full-length taxiways to enhance safety. Additional equipment includes the Horlick VOR (navigational station), the Paser NDB (navigational station) and an ASOS (Aviation Service Observation Station) operated by the National Weather Service.

Elevation 674′ MSL
Lat: 42-45, 66 long: 87-48.2
2MI NW of city center
Traffic Pattern 1000 AGL
CLR DEL 120.15
MKE APP 119.65 – 120.15
CTAF, UNICOM, Pilot Controlled Lighting 123.075
Horlick VOR 117.7 (HRK) ASOS (262) 635-0959
Paser NDB 206 (RAC)

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